The Golden Era of Good Looking - Live Mix at Human Elements March 2019

This is a live recording mix I did at Human Elements in March 2019. All these stunning tunes are from Good Looking Records in it’s late 90’s.

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# Track Artist Label
01 Secret Liaisons Source Direct Good Looking Records, GLR015
02 Loop Progression Motive One Good Looking Records, GLR024
03 Progression Session PHD & MC Conrad Looking Good Records, LGR011
04 Witness Intense Good Looking Records, GLREP005V
05 Absolute Magnitude Sonic Generation Looking Good Records, LGR028
06 Language Tayla Nexus Records, NEXUS003
07 Desideradi Artemis Good Looking Records, GLR020
08 Duality PHD Ascendant Grooves, AG007
09 Italian Job Second Vision Good Looking Records, GLR029
10 Presence PHD & MC Conrad Ascendant Grooves, AG001
11 Planetary Funk Alert Seba & MC Conrad Good Looking Records, GLRV01


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Human Elements @ Zero, Aoyama (2019/09/22)


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