Outlook Festival 2013
2013-09-02 Pula, Croatia Ricoh GR



Outlook Festival is a massive bass music festival started in 2008. It continues 4 days - with number of boat parties and more than 10 stages in Fort Punta Christo, Pula, Croatia. Artists come from all over the world, including Drum&Bass, Dubstep, HipHop scene in Europe. In the mid 2013 all line up has been announced and as soon as I saw the name of LTJ Bukem, I booked a ticket.


Flight took more than 24 hours including transit at Frankfurt. During the week of the festival, this small Pula airport accepts 15 thousands attendees and 100+ artists.


Pula is an old town and has some historical places. Calm, nice weather and good seafood.



Festival starts afternoon with boat parties, but I didn’t join it because it’s tough to stay there from noon til the next morning. So I stayed at guest house until late afternoon and had short tour around Pula each day. This is a church called Sveta Eufemija in a town called Rovinj where located north of Pula.


A local man is praying in the church.


Beautiful sunset in Adriatic Sea.


Outlook Festival


Full of people, dancing, screaming, drinking, laughing, camping, peeing etc. Sounds massive with crazy amount of bass.


Each stage is placed very far and took 10-15 min to move between stage to stage.


Look at this timetable. Crazy amount of artists. It turns out that Bukem will play at the final day which is the day I was going to take off to Hvar island. Need to make a decision either discard my current air ticket and book a new one, or miss Bukem.


I took a taxi and found this. Yes.



I chose AirBnb to stay and that was a great experience. Staying at local area with local people is completely different experience from staying at hotels. The house I stayed is beautiful, simple and clean with olive tree. There’s a private yacht harbor near the house and the area is very quiet.



The AirBnb owner is a Croatian girl who came back from Prague to her parents house for summer vacation. Her mother kindly cooked me Croatian food, and they are amazingly good.


I came here to listen to him. The final act of the final day at the main stage of Outlook Festival 2013. I was standing by in the most front, center of the floor. He started with Pulsaar - Good Times (Vandera Remix). I’ve never felt this amount of bass before. I was sure that I made a right decision. I wish Conrad could be here…


I had great 4 days with hospitality from her and her family. Her dad kindly took me to the bus terminal so that I can take an early morning bus to the airport.


Due to the plan change, I had to go to Zagreb, which is a capital city of Croatia, then take a flight to Split, take a bus again to the port and take a ferry to Hvar island. Zagreb looked very different from Pula - I only took a look from the bus, but in my impression it looks very similar to Russia while Pula is similar to Italy.


This is a small airplane from Zagreb to Split. Story continues to my next destination, Hvar.